Channel Update - One Year In

It’s roughly one year since I started uploading videos here with any regularity. I’m going to take a quick look back on where we’ve been and see if you have any ideas as to where I could go from here. Leave any suggestions in the comments and thanks for watching so far.

It’s hard to work out the exact birthday of a YouTube channel like this. My actual account was created in Aug 2007 but the only uploads were sporadic drone videos and various side-projects. During the virus lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 I did some livestreams mainly because I could but they were mostly unwatched. The first video I created and uploaded with the express intention of people seeing it was the Gatwick Footpath to Nowhere video in September 2021 and then the first semi-regular series of videos started with the London Canal Loop in November 2021. That’s why I’m counting October as the birthday(ish) of the channel :)


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