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Croydon High St

Continuing from the previous video we’re still in Croydon but this time we’re continuing along the actual High Street, which is not pedestrianised, right up to the point where it becomes “South End”. We’re a little out of the town centre here, with no trams, but there’s still plenty of shops to see as well as some art work. Check the page for this video at https://simonpain.uk to see the art in more detail as well as some that I only saw on the walk back.

Interactive Map: https://www.mapchannels.com/videomap/map.htm?folder=29726&map=29726-croydon-high-st-april-2023

Filmed 12th April 2023, mid-afternoon.


Click for larger versions.

Electric City by Dan Kitchener

A mural made with spray paint on brick. It shows a crowd of people on a rainy street surrounded by bright neon signs like you’d see in China or Japan. The signs reflect in the water on the ground and on the people’s umbrellas This mural is on the North end of St George’s Walk.

Graffiti Art by Nathan Bowen and Harry Blackmore

Graffiti Artwork stretching across two boarded up entrances to a shopping centre. Each entrance has 3 bollards across is creating 4 bays per entrance. In each of these bays is painted a cartoon graffiti figure with large teeth and a hat. Two are dressed as workmen in fluorescent jackets and hats. The rest are dressed in various outfits holding signs saying ‘Have a good day’, ‘Be inspired’, ‘Say positive’ and ‘Are you inspired?’ This mural is on the former entrance of St George’s Walk.

Her Hometown by Otto Schade

A painting on a brick facia of a building. It’s the right half of a face made of intertwined ribbons of white, yellow, green, blue and red, that could resemble the muscles of the face, on a black background. The face looks friendly and a cityscape is visible in the reflection it its eye. This mural is on the South end of St George’s Walk.

Toyz - Astroboy & Ragdoll by Dotmaster

A graffiti painting on a wall above a parade of shops. The painting is of the cartoon character Astroboy, a skin coloured robotic character dressed just in underpants and red boots, holding a spray paint can in a defiant pose next to the spray-painted word ‘Toy’ A graffiti painting on a wall above a parade of shops. The painting is of a ragdoll in a purple flowery dress holding a can of spray paint next to the spray-painted word ‘Toy’ These murals are either side of Davis House.

Looking to Tomorrow by Sonny

A painting on a wooden fascia fastened to the side of a brick building. The painting is of a rhino looking to the right whose skin changes from grey to multi coloured hexagons as it fades away behind the head. Next to the rhino is a a woman of african heritage with her hair in braids looking in the same direction as the rhino. Behind the characters the background is an artistic mix of black, red and blue bars and lines and what appears to be an african wrap that the woman is wearing, printed with the same coloured hexagons as seen on the rhino. This mural is on Dominos Pizza, just before the flyover.


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