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Croydon Stands Tall

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This summer Croydon has been invaded by a herd of Giraffes in aid of https://www.crisis.org.uk/ Join us as we explore each any every one of the the 59 giraffes, even though a few roadblocks are put in our way (note to self: check bank holiday opening hours before going filming) It’s great fun but look below if you want to jump to any particular Giraffe statue.

Interactive Map: https://www.mapchannels.com/videomap/map.htm?folder=29726&map=29726-croydon-stands-tall

Filmed 28th August, 27th September and 14th October 2023.

Giraffe Statues Included

  • “Discover Croydon” by Becky Dodd
  • “Agnes” by Girlguiding Croydon, Fairfield Division
  • “Jiya” by Girlguiding Croydon, Purley Division
  • “It’s All About People” by Felipe Caro
  • “Humanity” by Theo Arnold, Ruby Andrews, Iris Mariano and Tiarna Thomas
  • “Like Totally 1980’s” by Nicola Mills
  • “Geraldine” by Girlguiding Croydon, Huntingfield
  • “Zuri” by Girlguiding Croydon, North Division
  • “A Palace In Time” by MurWalls
  • “Night Sunflowers” by Jill Busby
  • “Elie” by Kelvin Bersamin, John Ruskin College
  • “Hues Of Surrey Street” by Aaron Bevan
  • “Red Gold Green” by Zita Holbourne
  • “Bloom Together” by Tipperleyhill
  • “Mr Pickles” by Woodcote Primary School
  • “Pearl” by Woodcote Primary School
  • “Dew The Giraffe” by Hannah Sykes
  • “The Sun And The Moon” by Harkiran Kalsi
  • “Community Life” by Cristina Clementel
  • “Diverse-City” by Becky James
  • “Puzzle” by The Minster Junior School
  • “June The Giraffe” by Ridgeway Primary School & Nursery
  • “Constance The Giraffe” by Coloma Convent Girls’ School
  • “Geoff The Giraffe” by Forestdale Primary School
  • “Oakley” by Oasis Academy Area / Ryelands
  • “Oana” by Oasis Academy Shirley Park
  • “Karysmah” by Kensington Avenue Primary School
  • “Jeffrica” by Coombe Wood School
  • “Tropicanta” by The Minster Junior School
  • “Galaxy The Giraffe” by St Mary’s Junior School
  • “Kevin” by Frankie Curtis
  • “Tutti-Frutti” by Amro Partners
  • “Concrete Jungle” by Alec Saunders
  • “Unity” by Fresh Visions
  • “Hope” by St Chad’s Catholic Primary School
  • “Twiga Ten Ten” by Winterbourne Junior Girls’ School
  • “Michael Miss Daisy” by Old Palace of John Whitgift School
  • “Fleur” by Becky Smith
  • “Spirit Of Adventure” by Philippa & Rachael Corcutt
  • “Giraffe-A-Lot” by Charlotte Adderley
  • “Sustainability” by Nicole Lane
  • “Tropics In Colour” by Aasiri Wickremage
  • “Girosaurus” by Marta Zubieta
  • “Giraffiti” by Rich Simmons
  • “Butterfly Effect” by Jeru Nomi
  • “Wema” by Royal Russell School
  • “Unity” by St James the Great Primary School
  • “Geri” by Ark Oval Primary Academy
  • “Geraldine” by Quest Primary
  • “Strictly Tall Room” by Mik Richardson
  • “Cow Of The Savannah” by Rachel Hunt
  • “Mechani-Kit” by Peter Poole
  • “Gerald The Giraffe” by St Mary’s Catholic Infant School
  • “Ziggy-Raff Stardust” by Morgan Davy
  • “Gingeraffe” by Donna Newman
  • “Haling The Giraffe” by Harris Primary Academy
  • “Gloria” by Croydon High School
  • “Omnis” by Royal Russell School
  • “YOU” by Police Cadets


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