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Liverpool River of Light 2023

During the half term holiday in Liverpool they put on a River of Light celebration of light and sound. Join us as we explore the 12 audiovisual works of art on display around the city centre and docks and have a look and listen at each one. We also find a couple of other interesting things while we’re there so join us to see.

Interactive Map: https://www.mapchannels.com/videomap/map.htm?folder=29726&map=29726-liverpool-river-of-light-2023

Filmed 27th October 2023, evening.

Artworks Included

  • ‘Nova’ by Studio Vertigo
  • ‘United by Music’ by Yellow Studio
  • ‘Night Whisper’ by Amigo & Amigo
  • ‘Glow’ by Amigo & Amigo
  • ‘Florescentia’ by Atelier Sisu
  • ‘Liverpool Mountain’ by Ugo Rondinone
  • ‘Ukrainian Dreams’ by Tais Poda
  • ‘Emergence’ by This Is Loop
  • ‘Lampshades Bouquet’ by TILT
  • ‘Labyrinth’ by Atelier Sisu
  • ‘Our Beating Heart’ by Studio Vertigo
  • ‘Elysian’ and ‘Elysian Arcs’ by Atelier Sisu


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