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Greenford to Bulls Bridge Junction - London Canal Loop Part 4

In late November we braved the bleak and windy weather to continue this walk along the London Canals. We found some history at Lyons Dock, modern railways in HS2 and Crossrail, a Scout Boat, more art, potential Crocodiles, re-purposed Henry Vacuum Cleaners, an Inland Lighthouse, the Friends of the Grand Union Canal, the former Southall Gassworks, soon to be a new housing estate called The Green Quarter (or Southall Waterside, it wasn’t sure) and then we finally reach the Grand Union Canal at Bulls Bridge Junction.

Apologies to headphone users, there is some rustle on the audio that is very hard to remove but I’ve tried. For those worried about the second dead swan in two videos, these two videos were filmed nearly a month apart.

Check out the playlist and subscribe for future instalments as we carry on the walk along the Grand Union Canal proper down to the River Thames. Includes SDH (Subtitles for the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing) captions.

Interactive Route Map: https://www.mapchannels.com/videomap/map.htm?folder=29726&map=29726-london-canal-loop---part-4

Outtakes & Unused Footage: https://youtu.be/Zy2hanodS5I



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