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Finding all the Mini Morphs with our Nephews

After heading out to find all the main Morph statues last weekend, we’re now back with some help in the form of our Nephews to find all the Mini Morph Statues of the Morph’s Epic Art Adventure London Tour. This time we didn’t miss any out and I had a gadget to reduce reflections on the windows they’re behind. There are chapter markers for each of the groups of Morphs if you want to jump to any of them.

Interactive Map: Coming Soon

Filmed 12th August 2023, afternoon.

Morph Statues Included

  • “Growing Together in Learning and in Faith” by Shorne C of E Primary School
  • “Look for the Light” by Samuel Cody School
  • “Bringing great energy and spirit to make things happen” by Powerstation Youth Centre
  • “Morley the Morph – Ready to board!” by Hatherop Castle Prep School
  • “Bright Ideas” by St Mary’s CE Primary School
  • Putney & “Near and Far” by Willow Brook Primary School
  • “Growing Together” by Westonbirt Prep School
  • “Many Hands Make Valence” by Valence School
  • “A Proud Message to You” by Martin Dougan, Elaine Gill and Edelle Gill
  • “Creativity Rocks!” by Barr’s Hill School, Coventry
  • “Mr. Tayo Shnubbub ‘The Wellbeing Hero’” by Tollgate Primary School
  • “GRIT” by Rye Oak Primary School
  • “Morpheby” by Wetherby Prep
  • “Happiness is an Inside Job” by Albion Primary School
  • “Captain Compass” by Royal Docks Academy
  • “Hands-On & Hands-Up” by Featherstone Primary and Nursery School
  • “This is us” by Scargill Junior School
  • “The Adventures of Morph” by Whybridge Junior School
  • “Messy Morph” by Watergate School
  • “Meta-MORPH-osis” by Wexham School
  • “Riverside Spirit” by Riverside
  • “Our School” by Grange Primary School
  • “Neville” by Ivydale Primary School


  • 4K Icon by Vecteezy.com
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