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Morph’s Epic Art Adventure London

A week ago we spent and afternoon in London looking for every one of the 56 full-sized Morph Statues on the Morph’s Epic Art Adventure London Tour. On the way we also found a few on the Mini-Morphs but not all of them unfortunately. Join us as we show you each and every Morph status in excruciating detail and also some of the bits of London that we walked through in between. There are chapter points on the video if you want to just jump to any of the Morph Statues individually.

Interactive Map: Coming Soon

Filmed 5th August 2023, early afternoon into late evening

Morph Statues Included

  • “Blaze a Trail” by Rob Biddulph
  • “Pearly King Morph” by Sandra Russell
  • “The Messenger Morph” by Martin Dougan and John Dougan Nealon
  • “The Power of Morphing Communication” by Clarke Reynolds, aka The Blind Braille Artist
  • “Morph Over, There’s Room for Two!” by Mik Richardson
  • “Morph into the Piñataverse” by Anthony Rule
  • “Morpheus” by Jodie Silverman
  • “Apart Together” by Olivia Hylton
  • “London Parklife” by James Daw
  • “On Guard” by Hannah Lewin
  • “Morph’s Inspirational Dungarees” by Lorna Harrington
  • “Cactus Morph” by Traci Moss
  • “Mr Create” by Jenny Leonard
  • “Forget-Me-Not” by Pili Duncan
  • “Gingerbread Morph” by Donna Newman
  • “Totally Morphomatic!” by Glen Brooks and Jane Mota
  • Mini Morph “Neville”
  • “Dance-off Morph” by Glen Brooks and Jane Mota
  • “The Bard” by Susan Webber
  • “Mondrian Morph” by Lynne Hollingsworth
  • “Morph Whizz Kidz Argonaut” by Jason Wilsher-Mills
  • “It’s Raining Morphs! Hallelujah!” by Olaf Falafel
  • “Mega Messy Morph” by Amanda Quellin
  • “I Spy Morph” by Phillippa and Rachael Corcutt
  • “Astromorph” by Megan Heather Smith-Evans
  • “Make Your Mark” by Sarah Emily Porter
  • “Roll With It” by Sarah Matthews
  • “Morph and Friends Explore London” by Elaine Gill
  • “Tartan Trailblazer” by Alison Black and Caitlyn Fulton
  • “London Collage” by Linda Baritski, aka SEASONOFVICTORY
  • “Peace, Love & Morph” by Lucy Hebden
  • “Midas Morph” by Daniel Bland
  • “Freedom” by Ruth Green
  • “Morphlowers Please!” by Marnie Maurri
  • “Tiger Morph” by Sandra Russell
  • “Good Vibes” by Lucy Hebden
  • Mini Morphs “Morley the Morph – Ready to board!”, “Bright Ideas” & “Near and Far”
  • “Maximus Morpheus Londinium” by Tim Sutcliffe
  • “Chocks Away!” by Rhiannon Griffiths
  • “Morph! It’s The Wrong Trousers!” by Melissa Howe
  • “Diverse-City” by MrASingh
  • “Apples and Pears” by Helen L Smith
  • “Cyborg Morph” by Ade Adepitan, Illustrated by Carl Pearce, Painted by Mik Richardson
  • Mini Morphs “GRIT”, “Morpheby” & “Happiness is an Inside Job”
  • “Rock Star!” by Tom Fletcher, Painted by Adam Pekr
  • “Wheelie” by Lena Kibbler
  • “Pride Morph” by Boe La, Painted by Jess Perrin
  • “The London Man” by Jenny Pearce
  • “Polymorphism” by Sue Guthrie
  • “Gentlemorph” by Tabita W Harvey
  • “Morph the Yeoman Guard” by Amanda Quellin
  • “Canary Morph” by Reilly Creative
  • “Whizz Bang!” by Jess Perrin
  • “Stay Frosty” by Jasön Curtis
  • “Swashbuckler” by Peter Lord, Painted by Rachel Bennett
  • “Looking After the Ocean” by Ali Elly
  • “Morph Target” by Signe Tveitan
  • Searching Spitalfields Market
  • “Mmmmmmmmmorph!” by Marnie Maurri
  • “Fish Ahoy!” by Ali Elly

Map Problems

As you’ve seen in the video some of the markers on the map were not in the same place as the statues which caused us a little bit of extra walking. I’ll address these in order.

Mr Create - London Bridge City Pier

Thankfully for this one, despite the marker being in the wrong location, the location name “London Bridge City Pier” gave me the correct location to head to. This one was a difference of 238m. A map showing two map markers alongside the River Thames, one a green tick and one a green cross. They are connected by a line.

Mmmmmmmmmorph! & Swashbuckler - Spitalfields Market

These two were the ones that caused us the greatest amount of pain despite not being necessarily that far wrong, with the complexity of the area and a couple of unfortunate routing choices it just caused major problems. The marker for both of these were located outside of the market with both the statues actually being inside the market. The marker for Swashbuckler was about 150m out and the marker for Mmmmmmmmmorph! was over 230m out as the crow flies. A map showing two pairs of map markers around Spitalfields Market, two are green ticks and two are green crosses. Each pair of tick and cross are joined by a line.

Morph Target - Liverpool Street Station

The marker for this one was definitely out the front of Liverpool Street Station but it turned out that the statue was next to number 44 on Liverpool Street itself, nearly 200m away. A map showing two map markers either side of Liverpool Street Station, one a green tick and one a green cross. They are connected by a line.

Fish Ahoy! - Paddington Station

This one really was part a bad map marker but also part bad luck at not looking left or coming out of the other side of the Elizabeth Line Station. It was just made worse by the fact that we were both really quite tied by that point. This one was about 130m away again. A map showing two map markers along the side of Paddington Station, one a green tick and one a green cross. They are connected by a line.

You can view my map of these markers here


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