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Reigate Castle, High St and Priory Park

Come and join me as I take a walk around Reigate. I’ll start at the Castle Grounds where there is no longer any castle but there is a medieval style folly. From there we’ll head down into the town past the entrances to the caves that exist underneath the castle. We can’t go into the caves at the moment but you can book tours during certain days of the year. After that we’ll head down the high street past the Market hall and have a look at the Christmas Lights. Finally we’ll head into Priory Park to have a look at the old Priory building before ending back at the town centre.

Filmed on a Saturday Afternoon in December 2022.

Map: https://www.mapchannels.com/videomap/map.htm?folder=29726&map=29726-reigate-castle-and-priory

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Castle Grounds (1:30)

Castle Grounds

Visiting Reigate Caves (10:00)

Visiting Reigate Caves

Tunnel Road (11:25)

Tunnel Road

Monks Walk (21:55)

Monks Walk

Equation of Time (22:50)

Equation of Time

Reigate Priory (24:40)

Reigate Priory

The Sunken Garden (25:35)

The Sunken Garden

The Ha-Ha (27:20)

The Ha-Ha


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