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The Shortest High Street in the UK

Today we’re exploring a question that came to me a couple of weeks ago while filming in Claygate: Where is the shortest High Street in the UK? Is it actually Ashley Heath as Google suggests or is that just a legend? Join me for an exploration of the difficult science of measuring roads. This is my first attempt at a researched and scripted video so hopefully you enjoy it but let me know either way in the comments and I’ll improve where I can :)

Ashley Heath Plaque

(Click to zoom) A brass plaque containing two columns of text reading “WILLIAM WEBB, 1862 - 1930, FATHER OF ASHLEY HEATH, Came to Ashley Heath in 1920 and reclaimed 1500 acres of heathland to build a garden estate to be called ‘Hampshire Heath Garden Estate’. 12 dwellings were built, most in plots of 1 acre. They included ‘Moorside’ (now Struan Hotel) and the High Street. Illness struck and he died in January 1920. He is buried at Purley in Surrey where he had built a garden village before the first world war.” and “THE HIGH STREET ASHLEY HEATH, SMALLEST IN BRITAIN, This building is exactly as it was when first built in the 1920s. Consisting of four shops, the construction is of a unique form designed by Willian Webb. They were the centre of the village to be known as ‘Hampshire Heath Garden Estate’ to serve the needs of the villagers who were to live here. The clock, bearing the inscription ‘The Night Cometh’ struck only between 7.00am and 10.00pm to indicate the working day and the period of rest. A few buildings of the original village still remain.” Information supplied by Mr. Frank Agass to St. Leonards & St. Ives Parish Council.


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