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A Spring Evening Walk along Tolworth Broadway

Join me on a walk down Ewell Road and Tolworth Broadway. It’s not technically called High St but it’s about as close as you can get to one. This sort walk takes in all sorts of areas, shops and things to see in a really short time so, enjoy.

Interactive Map: https://www.mapchannels.com/videomap/map.htm?folder=29726&map=29726-tolworth-broadway

Filmed 18th March 2023, late afternoon.


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Cared For By …

These planted beds are being cared for by volunteers from The Community Brain. We hope to make the area greener, more colourful and sustainable. If you would like to help then why not contact us via our website: www.thecommunitybrain.org

Big Bulb Plant Out

Big Bulb Plant Out. South Western Railways, The Community Brain and local volunteers planted 650 bulbs between Tolworth Broadway and Tolworth Station in October 2022 - hoping to bring some colour to the area and spread some joy. If you would like to help care for a planter then why not contact us via our website: www.thecommunitybrain.org

Did You Know?

Did You Know? In addition to having exceptionally good eyesight, Kestrels can also see in ultra-violet light. This is particularly useful in locating voles because they leave a trail of urine wherever they go and that urine glows in ultra-violet light.


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