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Where Is Epsom Downs Station?

Join me for a walk to explore how far Epsom Downs Rail Station is from Epsom Downs Racecourse and why. This was filmed on the hottest day of the year so far but you wouldn’t believe it.

For the most immersive #binaural experience listen with headphones or on a good surround sound or sound-bar system. Turn on subtitles for extra on-screen information.

Interactive Map: https://www.mapchannels.com/videomap/map.htm?folder=29726&map=29726-epsom-downs-racecourse-to-epsom-downs-st


Information Signs

The Gallop

The Gallop

Viewpoint Construction

Viewpoint Construction (Automobile Association Logo) Erected in 1987 in cooperation with United Racecourses (Holdings) Ltd and Epsom and Walton Downs Conservators

Viewpoint Dedication

Viewpoint Dedication Epsom and Walton Downs Conservators and United Racecourses (Holdings) Ltd

In memory of Lord George Wigg P.C. and Mr Stanley Wootton M.C. for their outstanding contribution to the preservation of these downs.

Beware of Golfers

Beware of Golfers


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